31 March 2017

Wine and art, poetic love

studio fusina

Foss Marai and Studio Fusina, a collaboration

Artists and poets still find life’s meaning in a glass of wine.
[Joy Sterling]


There’s a subtle line linking wine and art.

A line made of elegance and emotions.

A sinuous line softly flowing along the silhouette of the bottle and conquering character and personality, one in a packaging, one in a work of art.


This slim line emerges from the collaboration that Foss Marai and Studio Fusina have matured over the years.

On the one hand, the products nurtured from the lands of Guia; on the other, the art works interpreting its history and personality.

The common line between these realities is the territory (the Veneto, extraordinarily rich in potential), with its passion, experience and love for its products.


“A renaissance boutique thrusting into the third millennium”. This is how Studio Fusina defines itself.

A platform of design services, which – since 1970 – has imagined, projected and produced bespoke displays exclusive furnishings and artistic installations.


A genial and dynamic reality that can transpose the values and characteristics of Foss Marai into unique and creative projects.

From the exclusive settings for Vinitaly (with the expectation of special effects this year too), to the extraordinary creations belonging to the universe of Shop Philosophy, Foss Marai’s design is dedicated to the work that makes style and taste its emblems.


Click here to find out more about Studio Fusina.

To drink wine is to imbibe genius.

[Charles Baudelaire]