4 April 2016

Wine and food. Sauces in Food and Wine Paring


We can find many emerging answers to this question, but still the main one stays very simple: you should focus on your own tastes and senses in order to obtain a proper food and wine pairing. Perhaps, you heard about rules in food and wine pairing as white wine goes with white meat (fish, poultry) and red wine goes with red meat (beef,lamb, game). FALSE! These old basic rules are no longer applied. The main ingredient of a meal is no longer the decisive one being a perfect pair with the wine.

Wine should be considered a new component of your meal the main focus being about the sauce of your plate.


“The sauce is the center of each dish”

The reason is about the perception of the feeling on the tongue of each individual flavor component. Giving an example consider roast filet of beef which is traditionally paired with red wine. But accompanying the meat with fried porcini mushroom in a cream sauce then you can pair it now better with an aged Chardonnay rather than a red wine.

The secret : recognize different wine flavor components , and at the same time , learn to identify individual components of food. Own understanding about how wine changes its taste, depending on the food which touches your taste buds is the most important element to achieve a perfect food and wine combination.

Sauce elements which can be modified to match the characteristics of a particular wine: acidity, sweetness, caramel, creaminess, bitterness and saltiness.

Spices who can give a flavor boost for the food by reduction: chili, salt content, special spices and herbs, umami and aromas.


What I love the most regarding Prosecco Superiore is that most of the time it’s matching perfectly with any food and any celebration.

The reason is simple: sparkling wines are not just great party wines, as many are considering them, they are also the most versatile wines for pairing with food.

An extra dry goes perfectly with mild cheese, appetizers, poultry or Asian food.

A brut goes with seafood better than anything, as shrimps, crab, lobster, but also with beef or pork or even a dessert.