10 May 2017

What if Holland blossomed in Milan?

tulipani milano

The idea – one with challenging ambitions – was to create the happiest place imaginable.

Thus, Edwin Koeman and his wife Nitsuhe Wolanios have launched a most unexpected mission: the creation of tulip fields all around the world.

First stop: Italy. Just outside Milan, in the Cornaredo municipality, on a single hectare of land, around 250,000 tulips from 185 different varieties have blossomed.


But what is a garden if not a place to relax in, to reconnect with nature, to discover colors and new tones, to find inspiration and to dream?

In response Edwin e Nitsu have made their field so much more than just an artistic installation. Certainly, its originality, visual impact and cultural validity would allow it to be counted as a piece of Land Art, comparable with the Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty or Alberto Burri’s, Cretto di Burri.


Even so, Edwin and Nitsu’s goals were not just artistic. Their most vibrant desire was to create a place where the tulip could reign supreme (“it will open when the first tulip blossoms and closes when the last tulip has finished flowering”, their website explains) and where visitors can savor the experience of spending some time in an enormous garden where they may enjoy the vision and perfume proffered by these flowers. To ensure visitors feel truly at home – or more precisely – in their own garden, they are allowed to pick and take home a memento for themselves.

It is not by chance that this initiative calls itself “You Pick”.