15 February 2017

Venice – Carnival of elegance

carnevale di venezia

There is a place in this world, where fun is dressed up in elegance and the dressers wear meticulously put together costumes.
In Venice, Carnival is a rite and an art that transforms one of the world’s unique cities into the worldwide capital of enchantment.

“Good day, madam mask” was once heard echoing along the alleys and canals, where still today, luxurious costumes and arcane masks parade through the stares and laughter, in a festival of splendor, which changes the Serenissima into a theater of refinement and mystery.

Today, as in the past, form the 11th to the 28th February, the Venice Carnival will cloak every vista in wonder, leveling class and identity and engage the spectators and the masked in a vortex of illusion and enchantment. It begins at the grandeur of Piazza San Marco, the vibrant hub of the event, where the artisan-crafted works narrate the story of this lagoon city and the “Flight of the Angel” inspires wonder with its magic.

“Creatum: Vanity (af)fair” is the title for the 2017 Venice carnival, chosen by the artistic director Marco Maccapani, and dedicated to beauty and vanity: the two faces of the mask that, year after year, become more attractive and demanding, just like its extraordinary host city.