20 March 2017

Underground London

londra sotterranea

Waste no time on Big Ben, abdicate from Buckingham Palace, turn a blind one to the London Eye, do not wax lyrical about Madame Tussauds.

Beyond the famous London, away from traditional tourist traps, there is a hidden world. A secret city.

An underground London of fascination and mystery.


Life scuttles below the surface of the capital. An alternative and intriguing metropolis lives below and to get there you have to knock at the gate, like at the entrance to an enchanted garden.


Along the tunnels of the depths of London lies a city of the avant-garde.

A city of the abyss, far from the madding crowd and unaware of the changing of the seasons.

An underground city that is more and more enticing.

Because underground is trendy.


Underground you can have dinner and enjoy the theatre, beneath the surface you can stop off to have a coffee and stroll around the shops, below ground you can admire works of art and admire the hothouses seeded using the hydroponic system.


The entrails of London spring to life in this admirable re-imagining of the existing urban spaces.


An entirely British trend, so different to the All-American penchant for reaching to the sky.

In both cases, a vertical movement, but in opposite directions: while New York points up to the clouds, new London stretches down, below ground, reaching for the core.