28 September 2016

How to buy a bottle of wine

acquisto vino

How many times have you been in front of the endless shelves of a wine shop without knowing where to begin to select the best wine to accompany lunch or dinner?

There is no right or wrong way to choose wine, as it’s dependent on personal style. Price does not necessarily equal quality but branching out from cheaper, corporate products can let you discover wines you don’t yet know you like.




First of all think about the occasion and budget accordingly. Are you trying to impress guests at a dinner party or are you just having a relaxed time with your friends? If you want a bottle of wine for a special occasion, there are several websites where you can research the type of wine you are looking for.



Read the reviews and ratings to see if a wine stands out that you might want to try. Many wine shops have employees knowledgeable about the wine they stock. Describe what kind of wine you want and you should get a reliable recommendation.



Select a wine by its rating but be aware that most wines are never entered in competitions so you do miss some great wines if you only purchase wines based on their ratings.



Write down the name of the wines that you like. Do the same with the varietal and the origin of it. Make note of your favorites.


Screw cap

If you buy a wine for a picnic, choose a bottle with a screw cap. It’s practical and it removes the risk of wine being corked. This is when bacteria infiltrates the cork and gets into the wine, spoiling it. It’s not, as often thought, when cork gets into the wine.



Do not stress yourself aspiring to the “perfect” wine because you’ll never find or will not be for everyone. If you are invited to a dinner, choose something you know and that you are sure you will like it.



Do not always opt for the same wine, in the usual, same occasions. This field experience is fun and will help you to reach out a pleasant and unexpected surprises. The wine, in fact, is a tool that allows you to broaden your horizons and discover new cultures, also from the gastronomic point of view.



Many people choose wine based on the label beauty, which, of course, has nothing to do with the taste and quality of the wine.


“When you make a choice, you change the future.” ― Deepak Chopra