19 May 2017

The scent of luxury

profumi di lusso

Like a heavenly breath. A breath of paradise captured within the purest crystal jewel.

Unique precious perfumes, the fruit of an alchemy that borders on magic, sometimes jealously guarded like a priceless heirloom.


They are not simple fragrances, which, through a few particles, accents the personality of the “wearer”, they are more like devotional artifacts, which conceal at their center, potent and potion-like, blends of perfume. It only takes a few drops to sense the explosion of its ingredients. An explosion that leaves its impression, not on the eye but on the sense of smell, with the same brilliance of fireworks that illuminate the dark sky with daylight brightness.


The cost of adding one of these jewels of the perfumers art to your cosmetics collection can vary from a few hundred dollars to $215,000 of Pure Perfum by Clive Christian, an essence guarded within a phial of crystal and 18 carat goldfinished with a crown-shaped stopper set with a 5 carat diamond. Its heart stopping price is not just due to its valuable container but also to the ingredients go into creating the blend of “pure perfume”: bouquet of Indian jasmine, vanilla from Tahiti, centifolia rose.

Its scent? It goes without saying: delicate and sensual.