10 March 2017

The ‘Magnificent Failures’ by Oliviero Toscani

oliviero toscani milano

In Milan, a retrospective of the photographer


“Exaggeration is a form of creativity that belongs to art. And art is the expression of emotion, exaggeration does good, it is an exercise of the passions, something we are increasingly distanced from in this anesthetized reality that we live in.”

[Oliviero Toscani]


The philosophy of Oliviero Toscani needs no footnotes. His credo is depicted in its entirety in every imagine that carries his signature. For more than 50 years.

From the “side B” in denim shorts, that in 1973 wrote the first page in his history.


But that’s not what we’re about. We’re not here to tell the Oliviero Toscani story.

It is up to his photographs to do that.


His high-impact and controversial works have been collected together in an exhibition entirely dedicated to the photographer.

Up until the 28th April, the Whitelight Art Gallery in Via Copernico in Milan hosts Over 50 Years of Magnificent Failures, a retrospective that demonstrates the creative power of Oliviero Toscani covering his career in fashion and advertising, cinema and music.


It is a journey through the most famous shots by the photographer who has used advertising to expose the world’s problems – among which, the famous “Kiss” between a priest and nun, the “Three hearts White/Black/Yellow” and many, many more, which have revolutionized the language of communication.


“Conformity is the worst enemy of creativity; anyone who is unwilling to take the risks cannot be creative.”

[Oliviero Toscani]