31 July 2017

The luxury summer

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Forbes, 5 super-luxury destinations for the 2017 holidays


The limpid dream of tropical countries. A watercolor in infinite shades of blue. The tranquil melody of the waves that caress the fine sand. Peaceful holidays, a relaxing pause.

The summer has changed. The relax of bygone eras has given way to the dynamism of today.

Hence, the colors of vacation are bright, the hues of the summer pause are strong.

Summer is active. It is an adventure in the pursuit of enthusiasm. And not just for the fearless and intrepid backpackers.


This is the assertion by Forbes, the celebrated American magazine covering economics and finance, which has drawn up the list of the luxury destinations for 2017. Five top destinations for luxury travel, the list of possibilities is waiting to be experienced.


It could be for the splendor of its wild life, or for the immensity of its precipitous mountains, or for the tranquility of its dreamy beaches. Tanzania with its infinite nuances is in the top place on the Special Forbes classification. Its explosion of nature in all forms is simply stunning: from the wonders of excursions to Kilimanjaro, to the excitement of a safari in the Serengeti.


A bouquet of 115 oases are suspended in the Indian Ocean, each one unique but equally bewitching. Granite rocks, the whitest sand and lush forests, flying foxes and giant turtles: the unequaled wealth of nature earns the Seychelles the silver medal. How about an unmissable experience, in the most ancient oceanic islands in the world? According to Forbes, it can be had on a luxury cruise on one of the Crystal Cruises ships.


Japan is the Asian destination of dreams. This earns it the third place on the ranking for luxury destinations 2017.

How could it be otherwise? The land of the rising sun is a world apart, comprised of contrasts and incredible allure: deeply embedded with tradition yet extraordinarily modern, it offers culture and history, surprise and luxury.


It has nature, it has panorama, it has the history and the culture. Peru is mosaiced by a succession of past civilizations and a composition of spectacular landscapes. A collage made of contradictions that captivate.

This South American country is in fourth place, with its Amazonian Forest, Machu Picchu and the Valley of the Incas.


The last destination cited by Forbes is unexpectedly European. It’s the Amsterdam of museums, the Amsterdam of leisure, the Amsterdam nightlife. The Dutch capital seduces with its energy that never sleeps and enchants with its super-luxury hotels.