20 March 2017

The floating city

città galleggiante polinesia

French Polynesia could be the site for the first floating metropolis.


Imagine a house in perfect balance over calm waters. Imagine a city suspended on the sea.

It is no longer just a fairy tale. It is a dream-like scenario that – for anything but fairy-tale reasons – could actually take shape at one of the dreamiest locations existing on the planet: Polynesia.


In answer to climate change and the consequent increase in sea levels caused by global warming (preempting possible apocalyptic scenarios of flooding and natural disasters), the French Polynesian government is presenting a futuristic project to create a floating city.


We are not talking about some houseboats scattered here and there in the Dutch style, nor of sparse Norwegian type stilt houses, nor of bridges and walkways reminiscent of Venice.

We are talking about a real and true self-sufficient metropolis, on the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

Pentagonal ‘rafts’ will support buildings and condominiums gardens and moorings: platforms linked to each other will create an urban grid powered by solar energy, irrigated with water derived from desalinization plants, and nourished with vegetables coming from hydroponic agriculture.


It is a revolutionary project, the study entrusted to the Seastanding Institute of San Francisco, in California, who specializes in innovative floating projects.

Construction work for the first floating city in the world could begin in 2019.