6 June 2017

The dream of Icarus. Festival of flight at Experience Milano

festival volo milano

When you walk the ground after flight, you look up to the skies, because you have been there and you want to return.

(Leonardo da Vinci)


To rise into the air without any structure, to breathe in the clouds and inhale liberty.

This myth of Icarus has always captivated mankind.

The possibility of free flight has seduced men throughout time.


It is a dream that has been transformed into a grand event.

On Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June, the skies above the Experience park will be filled with excitements by the Festival of Flight.


Hot-air balloons and planes, helicopters and drones, giant kites and flight simulators meet in an event that will spread out over the 400 thousand square meters of the ex-Expo area, in exhibitions, laboratories, competitions and trials.


The event is now in its second year (in 2016, the Festival of Flight took place in the Parco di Monza), and promises to educate, entertain and enthrall.