4 August 2017

A terrace in the sky

sky bar

The 10 best bars in the world


As small cars hurtle through the fine streets, and the colorful lights dance intermittently amid the far-off buildings, city life plays out in miniature under your gaze.

You observe it all from on high, sipping a good drink, as though you were on the roof of the world.

It is a priceless sensation.


It is like watching a silent film on a miniscule screen. It’s the ebb and flow of life, contemplated from a terrace in the sky.

They are called sky bars or rooftop bars and are the luxurious panoramic terrace bars with unrivaled views, a place to watch the sun set over the metropolis as it makes way for the night.

These are high altitude venues, at the top of skyscrapers that stand out against the skyline in every corner of the globe, amid diffused brightness and lounge music.

It’s a trend that first conquered South-East Asia and later, other destinations.


Skyscanner – the celebrated international search engine for flights – has drawn up a table of the 10 most beautiful sky bars in the world, for a bird’s eye view of the most stunning panoramas on the planet.

A really useful classification for the holidays.


London takes first place, with The Mondrian. Rumpus – its main bar – is an elegant glassed venue with an incredible view over the Thames.


The second rooftop on the list is anything but metropolitan: Coogee Pavilion in Sydney, a venue where a fresh cocktail can be enjoyed on the promontory of Coogee Beach, a small cove near Bondi.


The rooftop terrace in third place rises out of the chaotic New York skyline. It is called Berry Park, in Brooklyn. It boasts captivating industrial style interiors and offers excellent aperitifs and a spectacular view over the Big Apple.


And here we are in Asia, where the towering buildings caress the night sky, unleashing their multicolored lights.

Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia, is home to an eccentric sky bar. With a pool and a 360° vista over the unceasing liveliness of the city, the Luna Bar earns its place, hands down, in the Skyscanner ranking.


Do you want to order a tapas and vodka with a view? In Melbourne, the best sky terrace is Naked in the Sky, a venue that provides a bar, lounge and restaurant that stands out in Australia’s second largest city in terms of population density.


Los Angeles is at sixth place on the list with The Standard, the bar with a terrace “that you would expect of L.A”: DJ, pool and cocktails overlooking the lights of this Californian city. You couldn’t ask for more from the City of Angles.


In New Zealand, Queenstown is the custodian of one of the world’s best rooftop bars. It is The Sundeck, where at sunset the sky becomes the show. Admire it from in front of a romantic fireplace, enveloped in the soft throws that the venue provides.


Once again in Asia.

In the Chinese Hong Kong, Sevva serves up a menu inspired by Indian cuisine, immersed in the seductive vortex of lights that unleash the city.

In Bangkok, Thailand, there is a Sky Bar that boasts a world first, with a 63rd floor that offers an epic panorama of the frenetic Thai capital.


Pass through the clouds, abandon the land and the humidity of Mumbai, and you’ll find yourself in the AER, the roof bar on the 34th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai. An open air sitting room, a paradise lounge, where cocktails and delicacies can be savored late into the evening.