21 November 2017

Sleep in a cloud above the Dolomites

nuvola dolomiti

The mountain Cloud of Well-being of QC Terme


The bed rises and opens up in the air.

The pillowbecomes voluminous and light.

The cushion is like a soft, fresh caress.

All around, the atmosphere is rarefied.

Have you ever slept on a cloud?


No, it isn’t a dream. Nor is it a day dream.

It’s a totally new wellness experience:

The latest trend in wellness, in fact.


We’re at the foot of the Dolomites, below the starry sky that brightens the nights in Trentino.

The renowned center of Pozza di Fassa QC Terme Dolomiti stands against the charming backdrop of the Val di Fassa, a privileged position for good food and wine, its fine landscape and sporting facilities

In this enchanting location where nature and its seasons characterize the life of its inhabitants, the “Nuvola del Benessere”, or “Cloud of Wellness” was created by


Mao Fusina, the cloud-inspired, and Alessandro Bolis, the artistic director of QC Terme, the “Nuvola del Benessere” is a living work of art.

It is nothing more than a bedroom: as simple and nature as a good night’s sleep.

Yet a bedroom that is one of a kind.

Made in natural wood (larch and spruce), it is only a short walk away from the hot springs and the magical, secular forests that cover the valley as far as the eye can see.

From the inside, through the skylight and huge floor-to-ceiling glass panels, it is possible to admire the changing color of the sky and the outline of the Dolomites, touched here by thin, wispy clouds and there by storm clouds, and idle as you are suspended between earth and the wide blue yonder.


The Nuvola will be available for just fifty nights, up to 20 December.

Only a handful will have the privilege of this dreamy experience and will be carefully selected amongst those who apply for this.