31 March 2017

Shop Philosophy, the meeting of Wine and Art

shop philosophy

A Foss Marai project combining taste and aesthetics

Art does not reproduce the visible,
but makes visible that which is not always so.

[Paul Klee]


When taste combines with aesthetics, when the Dionysian meets the Apollonian,

a marriage is celebrated, of elegance and creativity which goes by the name of Shop Philosophy.


The special Foss Marai project which mixes wine and art.

This project, springing from the importance that the brand has always afforded to visual merchandising and packaging, brings to life a series of objects that enhance the products and their setting..


Limited editions, created by artists and designers, among which the name Fusina emerges, the Studio that provides design services and which – for several years – has collaborated with Foss Marai to develop uniquely creative projects.


From the exclusive creations at sector events and fairs, such as Vinitaly (where – this year too – Studio Fusina promises special effects), to the production of extraordinary creations.


In this sense, the creations made by Fusina for Foss Marai are part of the P.O.P. (Point of Purchase)sector: objects aimed at generating curiosity and for supporting products’ visibility.


The latest works emanating from the Studio’s creativity are the “Melting Pot” glacette made of plexiglass, with its sinuous lines and special multi-colored pigmentation, and the Hills’ change-giver, created for transmitting the Guia and Valdobbiadene landscape feature (where Foss Marai is located)


Art and design productions, side-by-side with “Mirror” counter displays – which takes its elegance from the diamond form – and “Ice” – representing the ideal temperature for tasting sparkling white wine – to the “Cristiana” glacette – inspired by the rustic and sporting worlds -, and the prestigious “Fragments” vase, made of glazed ceramic – produced in collaboration with the young ceramic sculptor Paolo Polloniato.



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The three criteria for a work of art: harmony, intensity, continuity.

[Arthur Schnitzler]