21 December 2016

Rovaniemi, at home with Santa Claus

rovaniemi babbo natale

Whoever told you that Father Christmas doesn’t exist?

Okay, okay, maybe he doesn’t travel the world in a sleigh and slide down the chimneys of all the children on the planet in a single night. And, maybe, he doesn’t have every kid’s name and dreams off by heart.

But he really does exist.

He lives in an enchanted house, situated at more than 2000 kilometers from the from the North Pole, beyond the Arctic Circle, where, each day of the year, he welcomes curious folk and dreamers coming from all over the world.


Father Christmas’ home is 8 kilometers from Rovaniemi, modern capital of Finnish Lapland, where you can take a pleasant stroll among bars and boutique shops.

A short bus journey, and you are catapulted into magic.


Father Christmas’ village is much more than a thematic area where you can drop off your wish-list letter (they reach here from all over the planet!), to send a postcard with a very special stamp on it, where you can get to know long-hatted elves, or discover the toy factory, where you can take a ride through the snow on a motor-sled, or an outing on a traditional sleigh drawn by reindeer.


But that’s not all. The excitement of meeting Santa Claus is augmented by the fun you can have in the “Santa Park”, a real ice-park of games, where you can launch into the ice slides and relax on polar armchairs.


And when the whole exciting day is over, how can you resist the temptation to take home a souvenir from one of the fabulous boutiques all decorated for a party, every day of the year?