25 October 2017

Princesses for a night

ballo debuttanti roma

The “Gran Ballo delle Debuttanti” in Rome, a vision of elegance and solidarity


A long, white haute couture dress, with a knight in full uniform awaiting and a sumptuous ballroom.

And to top it all in style, a tiara perched on your elegant coiffeur, an exclusive gala dinner and, naturally, the Strauss Waltz.


The dream to be a princess for one night and dance in an enchanting setting in the arms of charming officers really can come true.

Much more than an event. A tradition. A ceremony. A dream.

A dream called Gran Ballo Viennese delle Debuttanti di Roma.


It is the only ball in Italy organized by the Austrian Embassy and the City of Vienna, and is twinned with the famous Opernball of Vienna.


It is an international annual event that allows young people aged between 15 and 24 to experience the emotion of their ‘first ball’, in a sumptuous location adorned with golden stuccos.

It is also a magnificent event in which a jury votes to decide which couple will represent Italy at the Vienna Opera Ball.

This event, which is all for charity, is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 11 November at the Aquarium (Acquario Romano) in Rome.


Like fleeting clouds, the young ladies will reproduce the choreography of the ceremony prepared in the days leading up to the gala evening, in a sort of training course, during which they will learn the secrets they need to be ‘princesses for life’: poise, elegance, gallantry and femininity.

But that’s not all.

An important moment of cultural exchange between Italy and Austria, the Ballo delle Debuttanti in Rome is a Charity Gala, which has the primary aim of solidarity: all proceeds will in fact go to humanitarian projects sponsored by important Associations.