20 March 2017

Perfume Day

perfume day

“Just like music, each perfume chord contains four essences or ‘notes’, carefully selected according to their harmonious affinity.
Each perfume contains three chords: the head, the heart and the base, thus, making 12 notes altogether.
The head chord contains the first impression, it only lasts a few minutes before making way for the heart chord, the dominant theme of the perfume that lasts some hours, and finally the base chord, the trail of scent a perfume leaves that lasts some days.”

(Perfume, the Story of an Assassin)


The unequaled power of perfume is completely preserved within these words, adapted into film from the famous book by Patrick Süskind (‘Perfume’).

It is an element that unleashes the most ancestral of the senses – that of smell – perfume contains the unrivaled ability to re-evoke moments, and to refresh emotions.


It’s for these reasons (as well) that the italian Accademia del Profumo has decided to dedicate a day to this ‘magic’ substance, instituting the National Perfume Day.

For the first time ever, on the 21st March, the first official day of spring (when the senses reawaken and the perception of emotions is heightened), the world of fragrance will be celebrated.


A sublime opportunity to communicate the true worth of perfume, passing on the artistic, scientific, and cultural heritage that is concealed within an essence and to celebrate the profession of the Master Perfumer, an art that was born over 4000 years ago, when perfume was created to appease the gods.

“The soul of existence is captured within their scent.”

(Perfume, the Story of an Assassin)