12 May 2017

Once upon a time… there was a wedding

matrimoni stravaganti

“I do”.

A few letters and the fewest words encompass a simple concept – yet they are the guardian of a primordial force.


With power of a magical utterance, this phrase conjures up enchanted and spectacular scenes. Exactly like a fairy tale.

These corners of paradise witness the celebration of certain events destined to remain etched in the memory of those present: weddings.


It is an atmosphere of enchantment which inspires the heroes of this fairy-tale, the bride and groom, to organize dream weddings events as unique as they are extravagant.


One of the most popular destinations for transforming dreams into reality (or reality into a dream…) is Italy: like the New York couple with Indian roots who chose a luxury coastal site for their Hindu wedding, another couple favored a timeless location in the Alpe di Siusi, in Trentino-Alto Adige.

Alternatively, Capri was the romantic option for a Chinese bridal couple who hurtled as many as 10 white Rolls Royces onto this little island in the Tyrrhenian Sea.


For some, however, one dream wedding is just not enough.

For this reason a Brazilian couple has decided that every year they will re-enact the enchantment that united them.

Thus, these two have already celebrated their nuptials six times in six different locations: Rio De Janeiro, Bora Bora, New York, Ibiza, Santorini, Venice.