21 August 2017

Noble friends. The most expensive dogs in the world

cani costosi

No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.

(Louis Sabin)


There are dogs that tell their own tale.

Their pride and tradition emerges through their features, their look and their temperament.


They have been selected for generations by peoples who favor them for their unmistakable traits. Now these canine breeds are in the homes (and gardens) of enthusiasts and devotees who favor them because – after centuries – these specimens still transmit those values accumulated in the past by the men who bred them.

It can be said that just by looking at these dogs you are capitulated into a world far off in time in space.

It is an incalculable privilege. That has a price.


The Azawakh, the African greyhound, transports us to the Sahara where it was prized by the Tuareg, who recognized its undeniable ability in hunting the gazelle and hares of the desert. Today this dog, with its independent and reserved nature, has a price tag that starts at $3,000.


The Egyptian Pharaoh Hound is also evocative of Africa, particularly Egypt, given its incredible similarity with the dogs seen in the tombs of the ancient pharaohs. However, this breed has nothing to do with those parts of the world. In fact, it originates from Malta, where it is considered the national dog. The cost for one starts at $6,500.


A completely different story is told by the Canadian Eskimo. It is the Eskimo dog that risked extinction at the behest of the Canadian Government, which ordered for them to be hunted down in the 19th century. The temperament of the sled dog and Arctic wolf, his ancestor, still resonate within this breed. $7,200 is the price tag.


The Samoyed, with his snow-white coat, is another breed that tells the tale of infinite territories covered under a snowy mantle. It is a breed that traces its origins to Siberia. There, it was the herding dog of choice for the reindeer breeders. The experience of its ancestors has made this dog faithful, friendly but also alert when necessary. Qualities that justify its cost that can be as much as $10,000.


Powerful, courageous, legendary. The Tibetan Mastiff appears in the texts of Aristotle as it does in The Travels of Marco Polo. It is the descendent of a breed that originated in Tibet, isolated for years on the high mountain plateaus where its physical and temperament characteristics remained unaltered. Its singularity explains the price paid by a Chinese businessman for a puppy: 1.6 million Euro.