3 May 2017

Masseria La Sorba, a project for reclamation

masseria foss marai

Intuiting favorable situations where they do not exist as yet.

Imagining possible developments even where there are apparently none.

Honoring the potentialities of a stretch of land that on the surface is scrubby, and yet extraordinarily rich, emphasizing its fruits with an organized system of development.


A far-sighted approach. A proposal for reclamation. An ambitious and valuable mission.

This is the special wine and vine project that Foss Marai has set up in the Puglia lands and which is named Masseria La Sorba.


The Masseria La Sorba is situated in the Corato area, in the uncontaminated territory of the Murgiano system, among pastures and coppices, rocky outcrops and native plants.

A restoration and reclaiming program returned an old and grandiose structure to life, and also revivified production in over 100 hectares of vineyard.


The unique environmental conditions in the zone where Masseria La Sorbais situated, together with the experience and passion of Foss Marai, lead to the production of wines and oil with extraordinary features.

The products of Foss Marai Masseria La Sorba are: Red wines Fumac and Nirò, Sparkling whites Grillaia Extra Dry Dolce Reale and Moscato Reale Passito, Prosecco Roos Brut, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Masseria la Sorba.



Click here to watch the video and discover the Masseria La Sorba