19 September 2017

Luxury to savor

cibi costosi

From the sandwich with gold leaf to the ice cream with snow from Kilimanjaro: the world’s most expensive foods


“I can’t stand people who do not take food seriously: it is so shallow of them”

(Oscar Wilde)


They defend the priceless value of flavor, celebrating it with the lyrical language of poetry in the words of Oscar Wild.

First and foremost, poet and playwright, then, expert connoisseur of foods and wines, he treats cuisine with the prestige that it deserves, opening the theme of luxury foods with elegance.

Edible gems.

The world’s most expensive foods.

Noble ingredients and prestigious delicacies, found on menus that are exclusive showcases, and in costly caskets able to safeguard the very essence of pleasure.


The king of the luxury kitchen is the white truffle of Alba. Its price is established every two years through a worldwide auction. To date, a 1 and a half kilo truffle exceeded 160,000 dollars.

After this superlative (underground) mushroom, comes saffron. Without doubt, the most expensive spice, which can cost as much as 10,000 dollars per kilo.

Derived from sturgeon’s roe, Almas caviar (literally ‘diamond caviar’) is the most highly prized of all. It has a yellow-white appearance and comes from Iran. It boasts a highly sophisticated flavor and can cost as much as 25,000 dollars per kilo.

From Japan comes the Wagyu beef (or Kobe beef). Lean beef marbled with delicate fat, a buttery consistency and a mildly sweet flavor can come to as much as 2,800 dollars per steak.

Yet another expensive delicacy comes from this meticulous Far Eastern land. The Matsutake mushroom, which grow for short time during the year in the pine forests of Japan. They have an unmistakable aroma and fruity, spicy flavor, and cost 2,000 dollars.

But the culinary resources of the Japanese don’t end here. The Densuke watermelon is an extremely rare black watermelon with unequaled sweetness and a price tag that varies from 250 to 6,000 dollars per fruit. Another Japanese fruit is the Yubari King Cantaloupe melon – sweet and succulent –it can fetch 22,800 dollars per piece.


And these are just the ingredients.

There are, however, preparations that surpass all gastronomic conceptions and jewelers price tags.

Sublime delicacies, luxury recipes, surprising dishes that combine the most sought after (and unpredictable) elements.

Such as the most expensive hot dog in the world, from Vancouver in Canada. Kobe beef, truffle oil, fresh lobster and Louis XIII cognac go into this specialty priced at over 100 dollars.

On the subject of sandwiches, the most expensive bagel in the world comes from New York. Cream cheese, white truffle shavings and gold leaf are the ingredients for a sandwich ‘with a hole’ costing 1,000 dollars.

New York also offers the Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata. Whisked eggs, lobster and sturgeon caviar go into the world’s most prestigious omelet, worth 1,000 dollars.

And for the incurable Pizza lover? In Glasgow, the Pizza Royale 007 – tomato, salmon, venison, caviar marinated in champagne and lobster marinated in Remy Martin Louis XII cognac – has a price tag of 4,200 dollars.


When it comes to desserts, there is an ice cream made with snow from Kilimanjaro (to savor in-between the hills of San Francisco), a Truffle Ice Cream made with white truffle and gold leaf (to admire, and then consume, in Las Vegas) and the Black Diamond, with vanilla from Madagascar, Iranian saffron, Italian black truffle and gold leaf (to enjoy from a Versace ice cream bowl, in Dubai, of course).


“I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best”

(Oscar Wilde)