16 August 2017

Luxury is green. From nature, organic jewels and apparel.

moda natura

Everything you can imagine, nature has already created.
(Albert Einstein)


It’s more than a source of inspiration.

It’s more than the top subject matter for hot summer-themed prints.

Nature is the creator and custodian of prestigious and irreplaceable materials that under the skilled hands of the tailor take shape as luxury organic garments.


Hemp, bamboo and paper are fashioned into garments and accessories. They are modern in shape yet ancient in their production, resting on the body of the wearer with the delicacy of a butterfly or an autumn shower.

Even the nettle, a plant feared for its sting, has properties that are handed down through the generations. It generates a fiber that is soft, light and incredibly pleasant to the touch.
As fine as linen and shiny as silk, it can be fashioned into impalpable, sumptuous garments that have no need for chemical treatments and are completely environmentally friendly.

Then there are those who encapsulate nature, preserving its shapes and colors in time, transforming buds, petals, leaves, feathers and butterfly wings into ethereal elements.

Stanislava Korobkova, Russian artist and designer, makes necklaces, bracelets and earrings by encasing natural elements she has gathered and dried from the parks and forests of Ireland between two pieces of glass closed with a metal ring.

Thus, she creates stunning jewelry, evocative miniature herbarium capable of revealing an ageless yet forgotten truth: nature that is the custodian of beauty.