6 July 2017

Let’s say an evening at Dinner… in white


White is a world so much higher than we are,

that we barely notice the sound, it is a nothing before the origin.

(Wassily Kandinsky)


Think of the elegance of white.

This of the mystery of the city of Turin.

Think of a summertime dinner among strangers.


An event brimming with charm is breathing life in the summer of the Piedmontese city.

An appointment among strangers, for which neither the date or time is known (yet).

A festival that has now become customary, having reached its sixth year.


The Dinner in White is an Unconventional Dinner to which everyone is invited, provided they are wearing white. All white. Total white.

Because this is the theme for the evening.


An evening where people bring their dinner from home. Including dishes, flatware, and glasses. The tablecloth, chairs, and even the tables, too.

Provided that nothing is disposable. No paper or plastic.

Because everything must be taken away.


Because once the evening ends, there must be no traces left.

Only the memory of a summer evening will live on.

A ghostly evening, white and ephemeral as a specter.


The Dinner in White is intended to promote the values of conviviality and sharing at the dining table, with a view to genuinely blurring the boundaries of neighborhoods and the territory in respect for ethics, esthetics, ecology, education, and elegance.


The first edition of the Dinner in White took place in 2012. In 2016 the Dinner in White gathered together more than 13 thousand people.