11 September 2017

Klimt Experience: plunge into gold

klimt experience

A multimedia voyage into the world of the Austrian artist, until January 7, 2018,


“No matter how small and insignificant, there is no part of life unable to offer space to artistic aspirations”

(Gustav Klimt)


Close your eyes, breathe deeply and take a step. A slow, satisfying step into a wonderland.

Now, open your eyes. And admire everything around you.

Welcome to the symbolic and sensual world of Gustav Klimt.


It is called the ‘Klimt Experience’, and is the exclusive artistic and cultural project created by Cross Media, on show at the MUDEC – Museo delle Culture in Via Tortona, Milan – until January 7, 2018.


An experience more than an exhibition. An emotion more than a retrospective.

A combination of art works and music, image and impressionsthat is nothing like an exhibition in the usual sense of the term. It is, rather, a completely unique multimedia voyage.

A multi-sensory journey that dives into the social, cultural and artistic context that was the reality surrounding Gustav Klimt.

An immersive representation, that aims to surprise and captivate, excite and seduce.


A unique experience-room where every inch – from the floor to ceiling – is occupied by Gustav Klimt.

Seven hundred works of art – from the most celebrated paintings to the artist’s sketches – can be enjoyed as never before: highlighted by the sound track, dematerialized into atoms and details of art, contextualized in the reconstruction of Vienna at the beginning of the nineteen-hundreds.

A colossal video installation that uses technology to transmit art in unprecedented manner yet complementary with more traditional shows.

It is a homage to Klimt, coming nearly 100 years after the death of this founding father of the Viennese succession.


“I don’t have the time to intervene personally in certain arguments…

When I finish a painting, I have no intention of wasting entire months justifying it to certain people.

I don’t care how many people it’s liked by, but rather who it is liked by.

(Gustav Klimt)