31 May 2017

Keith Haring on the Milan art scene

keith haring milano

“The act of creation is kind of ritual.

The origins of art and human existence lie hidden in this mystery of creation.

Human creativity reaffirms and mystifies the power of ‘life’”


Place a colored corner right in the middle of the metropolitan greyness.

Place a world of happiness at the center of the frenetic city.


The Palazzo Reale in Milan opens its doors to Keith Haring – one of the most important American artists of the late 20th century – in a show that is a multi-colored voyage through his creations and sources of inspiration.


“Keith Haring. About art” (until 18th June 2017) is an emotional journey that winds between 110 works, many impressive and some unexpected (or never before exhibited in Italy), lent from public and private collections.


This exhibition emphasizes the need to analyze the artist’s work, in relation to the history of the arts he assimilated and placed at the center of his work, in order to have a complete understanding of them.

To this end, the show at the Palazzo Reale flanks the works of Haring with works from various other eras which inspired him, and that he reinterpreted in his own unique style: from those of Jackson Pollock to Paul Klee; from Italian Renaissance paintings to the casts of the Traiana Column.

The works of Haring are put into context, with classical architecture, pre-Columbian arts, religious archetypes, masks from the pacific, with the creations of native Americans and the masters of the 1900s.


It is an exhibition that shows, more than ever, the extent of Keith Haring’s project: the recomposition of the language of art in a single – universal – symbolic language.


“It seems to me that art is not a bourgeois activity just to be appreciated by a few.

Art is for everybody and that is what I work towards”