1 October 2016

Italy – The world’s largest wine producer

uva vino

Red, white and green: wine is Italy’s flag. So to speak, of course.

2016 confirms Italy as the world’s largest wine producer.


A success that was already on the cards, and that confirms the top place reached last year even though the figures have fallen slightly. The UIV (Italian Wine Union) and ISMEA (Institute of Services to the Agricultural and Food Market), in fact, estimate that the 2016 grape harvest for the peninsula will produce 48.5 million hectoliters of wine against the 49.3 million produced in 2015.


Complicit in this success is a similar and expected decrease, around 10%, in French wine production. This year their production will probably be in the region of 42.9 million hectoliters, instead of the 46.6 that were estimated in 2015 and that – once again – has prevented this European neighbor overtaking Italy.


The abundance of the harvest is due to the particularly favorable weather conditions which have prevailed throughout the peninsula in the 2016 grape harvesting months. The mild winter allowed the vines to bud early and there were no recorded periods of frost or drought, both conditions that the French have had to deal with; the wine regions of Champagne, Burgundy and Loire valley being particularly affected.


What counts, however, is not just the quantity produced, but more importantly, the quality: Raffaele Borriello, Director General of ISMEA, during a press conference held at the Ministry of Agricultural Policy, highlighted the importance that heavy investment in facilities has had, even during years of crisis, in strengthening the brand identity in the Italian wine industry.