18 December 2017

Ice Hotel, a night in an igloo

ice hotel

Tour Scandinavia and stay at the most spectacular ice hotels in Europe


“Ice is water that remained out in the cold and fell asleep”

(John Garland Pollard)


There is frozen magic in water that compacts, succumbing to the might of the polar winter… turning into crystal clear ice.

It is pure enchantment that transmits the positive rays of a tepid sun.

It is a crystalline kaleidoscope that reverberates the seductive glimmer of the moon.


Ice, it’s the element that encapsulates delicacy and harmony, strength and balance.

Think of the North, when you imagine ice – and when you imagine white. Think of the North and of the Northern lights. Think of the North and of Santa Claus.

To the North that has drawn forth a world of enchantment from this faceted material with its diamond-like transparency. A world that offers an astounding nighttime experience.


We are referring the to the ice hotels, glacial structures that plunge you momentarily into an Arctic fairy tale.

The ice hotels are true hotels, located in below-zero areas and constructed exclusively out of ice and snow.


The oldest and most famous of the ice hotels is in Swedish Lapland, in Jukkasjärvi – 14 km from Kiruna, the Northernmost city of Sweden, Santa Claus’ hometown.

The ice hotel of Jukkasjärvi is re-born from the ice every winter. It is re-born each winter in new form.

Each room is, in fact, designed and punctually created by ice artists from all over the world. The temperature registered in the rooms is -5°, the beds are made from ice and are covered in reindeer pelts generously provided by the management.

And there’s more. Apart from the bedrooms, the ice hotel of Jukkasjärvi boasts bars, art galleries and a church (for celebrating the most romantic of marriages in Nordic style).

Since 2016, this Lappish ice hotel has been enriched by a permanent area, kept frozen using the latest freeze technology.


Still within Scandinavia and Lapland – but on the Norwegian side of Lapland – is the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel. Sited at around 20 km from Alta, Norway’s most northern city, awaits the most elegant hospitality: sculptures carved in ice and glass-like chandeliers grace the incredible suites and intimate rooms for evenings of icy romance.


There is a third Scandinavian country that cannot be left off this frozen list of fairy-tale hotels.

Close to the Urho Kekkonen National Park, Finland is host country for the Kakslauttanen Hotel. It’s a complex made up of small modern igloos in thermal glass, where the unique skyscape of the Polar Arctic Circle can be admired through their domes.