1 July 2016

Foss Marai Tour: United States


How would you describe your relationship with Italian wines?

Well, I think that Italian wine runs in my veins! My family comes from Italy and from a very young age I was exposed (graced!) with the possibility of enjoying Italian wines with my family.

It goes like this: The entire family would get together on Sundays for lunch and wine was a big part of it. The adults would drink wine and we (the kids) would drink what we thought was wine, but that actually was a mixture of water (a lot of it!), sugar, and a tiny little bit of wine. Italian wine!


How would you describe the consumer profile from the Country where you live?

Very hard to answer this question when you live in a Country like the US. Not only its huge geographically, but we also have people with all sorts of different ethnicities and cultures. But I can say that interest for wine in the US is growing steadily and more and more people understand today that wine is supposed to be enjoyed with food instead of just a cocktail.

It’s hard for me to have a friend today that doesn’t serve wine when they invite me for dinner and this was not the case 20 years ago. Maybe even 10 years ago… so there’s a lot of progress being made in the direction of making wine part of the “American way of life”.


Globally speaking, do you observe a noticeable evolution of the Italian wine?

Yes and no. As much as I see that there’s more diversity in regards to Italian wine today, I believe that globally the big volumes being sold are still the same “old suspects”.

For good or bad, Italian wines have had tremendous help from Italian food over the years.

I don’t believe that you can find a civilized country on the planet that doesn’t have plenty of Italian restaurants. And what do they sell if they serve wines? Correct. Italian wines… The problem with this formula is that not necessarily you will find the best options that Italy has to provide today, but rather the mediocrity of some mass-market produced wines that are diluted and insipid.

So it’s hard to say that there’s a “noticeable evolution of the Italian wine” but, with that being said, I believe that impossible to not find a bottle of Italian wine that will not delight the consumer if you look in the right places.

Italy is today more than ever the place for diversity.


Which is your favourite moment to enjoy a glass of wine?

Every moment is the perfect moment if you have good wine in your glass. I actually think that I can transform a dull, boring hour of the day in something extraordinary and memorable just because now I have wine in my glass. You can also make that moment your favorite moment because you are having a glass of wine! Yes, wine has that kind of power…


What is, from your prospective, the best paring between Foss Marai Prosecco Superiore DOCG brut with some on the local food from your country?

There are plenty of opportunities in a country like the US… but one of my favorite pairings with Prosecco is… popcorn!! If you don’t believe me, try it watching your favorite TV show… It works like a charm!


Would you like to try Foss Marai winery? What are u more interested on? Territory, identity or wines?

Sure! As a #winelover, what’s in the glass (the wine itself) is of paramount importance. Taste in king in my life… but an interesting story about the territory and how the wine is made (giving it an identity) is always a big plus and it’s much appreciated if there’s a good reason for me to try a wine. Being delicious is perhaps the most important trait of a wine…. but it’s not all. And, like with people, I’m a big fan of face-to-face meetings… so I hope some day I can visit Foss Marai and have with them my “eye to eye” conversation with their people and wines.

If the President of Foss Marai would visit your Country, which are the first five locations he should never miss?

Washington DC. Our capital is definitely not to be missed.

New York, NY. Well, I think New York doesn’t require introductions…

California. 90% of American wine is made there. Someone who loves wine can’t miss it!

Yellowstone. This National Park is one of the most amazing places of the planet. You have to go to understand why…

Boston, MA. It’s my hometown and I would love to show my beautiful city to him!



Luiz Alberto is a Brazilian with Italian blood and an American heart (very complex as a great wine must be!)

He’s a guy who really loves wine. More than the simple desire to imbibe the drink, he has this desire to appreciate and learn everything that relates to wine.

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