20 June 2016

Foss Marai Tour: Holland


When did you started to drink wine and in which context?

I started drinking wine when I was about 20 years old. Most of my friends were drinking beer, I and wanted to try something else.

My first experience with wine was a huge disappointment, which I did not understand. I asked myself: Why? And that is a question that still keeps me going.

There is always something new to discover in the wonderful world of wine.


When you arrive for the first time in Italy and which is the most unforgetable experience during your staying in Italy?

My first trip to Italy was probably in 1989. I was on vacation, mixing pleasure and more pleasure, enjoying culture, nature and visiting some great wineries, meeting wonderful people.


What means for you Foss Marai?

In my opinion Foss Marai represents the origin, the true character, quality and essence of Prosecco.


Do you remember any particular moment or special memory corelated with Foss Marai?

Yes! When I got married (in Italy of course…) we served Foss Marai from two unique 6 litre bottles, one Brut and one Extra Dry. The empty bottels served as ‘guestbook’ and are cherished as witnesses of a memorable moment.


Would you recomended Foss Marai to your friends? Why?

Absolutely. In my opninion, Foss Marai shows the difference between what most people know and should know about Prosecco. Obviously, I refer to Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG and not Prosecco DOC, there is a huge difference.


If the President of Foss Marai would visit your Country, which are the first five locations and five experiences he should never miss?

Amsterdam is on most peoples ´to do list´, but recommend to visit Rotterdam. The architecture, the people and food are great!

Cities like Maastricht, Leiden and Zutphen are worth visiting, because of their history and architecture and being less spoiled by tourism.

I think he should discover the gastronomy in the Netherlands, not only the ultimate quality in restaurants like De Leest in Vaassen, but the pure experience of fresh Dutch ingredients in combination with the talent of amazing chefs like Thomas d´Hooghe of restaurant Hemelrijk in Hulst and Edwin Vinke of De Kromme Watergang in Sluis.

We have some of the most interesting musea in the world, with the Rijksmuseum and van Gogh in Amsterdam of course, but don’t underestimate others like the open air museum Kröller-Müller (with the second largest van Gogh collection in the world) or the Groninger Museum for modern art. Typical Dutch nature can be enjoyed in the southern parts of the Netherlands, like the dunes close to Kaatsheuvel (where you can also have fun in the nearby fairytale themepark de Efteling) or the National Park ‘De Groote Peel´.

Last but not least, he should really see and feel a football match in De Kuip in Rotterdam and see Feyenoord win (they sometimes actually do!).


Fred Nijhuis is an allround independent wine professional for some 25 years. He is specialized in writing, teaching, organizing tastings, presentations and workshop and loves Italian wines. His style is different from many others, because he doesn’t believe in blind tastings, regards points pointless and doesn’t like the abuse of words like minerality and terroir.

Because of his personal, open and honest, independent approach he is appreciated by many, though not everyone… His book “Once upon a wine” with enchanting stories about wonderous wines was published earlier this year and will be translated in English soon.