13 September 2016

Foss Marai Tour: Venezuela

foss marai tour venezuela

Questionaire to Mr. Alfonso Mora, Director of LA CAVA, exclusive importer of Foss Marai in Venezuela


Since when you stared with the brand Foss Marai?

Our first container arrived in December 2015.


Venezuela is considered one of the most important wine and spirits markets in the World, even in crisis venezuelans are top consumers, what is your personal optical regarding this particular matter?

Throughout my childhood I always heard that Venezuela had one the highest per capita consumption of Scotch in the world, now growing in to other Spirits and wine. I guess sometimes to celebrate and now more often to forget.


Who is the typical client of Foss Marai in Venezuela

Foss Marai since its introduction to Venezuela has always been at the higher end of the spectrum in society, now due to devaluation and a raging inflation that select group has even become smaller, but keeping the buying power at a very high level.


Venezuela has been known as a high standard of international gastronomy, Foss Marai has been part of that movement for more than 15 years, do you think that there is a brand fidelity created already with FM?

The brand fidelity is definitely there, Foss Marai had not been in Venezuela for a few years when our first container arrived, and on the first day we sold a great part of that container. People were eager for it.


What other brands do you have at your portfolio?

In Venezuela we have Finca Las Moras from Argentina, probably the wine that sells the most at this time in our country. From Chile we have Valle Andino, from Spain we have an Albariño called Vanidade and in the near future we will have Cvne Imperial ( wine of the year 2013 Wine Spectator) and now we signed with Titos Vodka.


Which Foss Marai is your favorite, and your team’s?

Its a little divided between 109 Brut and the Roos


Venezuela is also known for the amazing private parties, fabulous dinners, and a very discrete elite enjoying life, how do you see Foss Marai presence as the Spumanti selection for venezuelan’s homes in the next years guided trough your company?

People more and more are getting use to having Foss Marai in Venezuela again, and its becoming a favorite in weddings and parties. I think our company has a great fit with Foss Marai due to our contacts, our clientele, our positioning in the market, plus you mix that with a great product like Foss Marai and you have a beautiful combination for success.


What is your favorite place in Venezuela?

What a difficult question, we are full of magical places but since I have to answer I will say Canaima’s Angel Falls ( I love Los Roques too).