4 April 2016

Foss Marai Tour: Bulgaria



If the President of Foss Marai would visit this country, which are the first five locations and five experiences he should never miss?

Even though a small country – Bulgaria has a lot to offer in terms of nature, cultural inheritance/historical sites and gourmet adventures.

You should never miss visiting:

Sofia is a largely modern, youthful city, while its old east-meets-west atmosphere is still very much evident. Home to many of Bulgaria‘s finest museums, galleries, restaurants and entertainment venues, Sofia may persuade you to stick around and explore further. An amazing experience while being in Sofia is to visit one of the best night clubs in Bulgaria – Bedroom Premium Club where along with the latest tendencies in the electronic music you can enjoy a glass of Roos Spumante Brut rosato.

Plovdiv is the second biggest city of Bulgaria and one of the oldest ones in Europe. In 2019 it will be the Cultural capital of Europe. When being in Plovdiv you should experience the atmosphere of the old city. While walking through the narrow streets you should stop by and have a glass of Marai de Marai Extra Dry or Guia Millesimato Brut in one of the top-Bulgarian restaurants – Salt&Pepper.

Stara Zagora – the native citizens call the city “the Centre of the Universe”. If not the universe this ancient polis is literally in the middle of Bulgaria. It is famous with its Roman artifacts which are preserved and exposed throughout the centre of the town which is actually the ancient Roman forum of Augusta Trayana (the Roman name of the city). While experiencing this, you should visit the restaurant with one of the largest wine selection in Bulgaria (over 2 000 labels) – Forum restaurant. Recently they added Foss Marai to their collection.

The Sea Side: in Sunny Beach – the biggest summer resort in Bulgaria at the south coast of the Black Sea is located the second club of the Bedroom brand – Bedroom Beach Club. Each year most of the world famous DJ’s and residents in Ibiza (David Gueta, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Carl Cox, Paul Van Dyk and others) come as hosts there. These summer parties are unforgettable experience. And of course staring from summer 2016 you can enjoy them with a glass of Foss Marai.

The Ski resorts – though several of them in the beautiful Bulgarian mountains, the Pamporovo ski resort is the only one which have been initially planned and built during the seventies for that purpose. While experiencing the fantastic ski slopes you can relax in the evenings by the fire-place of one of the restaurants from the very famous chain Gloria Mar restaurants (5 of them throughout Bulgaria). Of course Foss Marai is served there as well.



Taking into consideration the list, which is the proper pairing between local dishes and a Foss Marai bottle of wine?

Bulgarian cuisine is much spicy. Most of the local dishes are mainly with meat. Still being quite diverse it has some good suggestions to pair with prosecco from Foss Marai:

  • In the Forum Restaurant in Stara Zagora chef Toni Ivanov offers the Marai de Marai extra dry with the Bulgarian traditional “kozunak” – a light sponge cake, similar to the panettone and Easter Colomba.
  • Chef Nikolai Borukov from the Salt&Pepper restaurant in Plovdiv offers the Guia Millesimato Brut with the traditional “shopska salad” where the main ingredient on top of the tomatoes and cucumbers is the famous Bulgaria mild cow cheese.
  • And yet of course as being something really outstanding Foss Marai can always be enjoyed on its own or combined with any type of “party food”(simple cocktail-sized sandwiches, canapés and finger food). This is the most common case in one of the top night clubs in Bulgaria – Bedroom Premium Club in Sofia



How would you describe the consumer profile for this country?

Bulgaria is a wine country. The local wine industry is of course the biggest at domestic market. Still the wine culture of the average consumer is growing up. People are more open and looking forward to try and experiment new wine destination. Another positive thing is that more and more attention is paid to the quality. Still price and quality combination is the most important but recently local buyers are willing to pay more but for a really good wine.



Globally speaking, do you observe a noticeable evolution of the Italian wine?

Italian being one the biggest wine producer in the world will always be in the spot light. Still I see an interesting tendency especially in the prosecco wine. As most of the proseccos from Valdobbiadene are no worse than any premium wine from Champagne but yet significantly cheaper more and more from the “Champagne lovers” are turning into prosecco recently.



Have you visited Foss Marai head office before? How did you feel about this experience?

I have never visited Foss Marai before. I believe it would be an amazing experience to visit the unique area of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene. This is indeed one of my main “must go” places for 2016 and I feel really excited and looking forward to it.