17 August 2016

Foss Marai Tour: Brazil

foss marai brasile

An interview with Foss Marai exclusive Importer and Distributor in Brazil Mr. Diogo Barbosa


Since when you started with the brand Foss Marai?

I began to study the market in 2007, visiting for 4 consecutive years the fair Vinitaly in Verona – Italy. In 2012, I was fortunate to enter the estand Foss Marai SPA and be received by President Carlo Biasiotto.

In an objective discussion, we scheduled meeting in two days at the winery in Valdobbiadene and so began the import of labor, brand and distribution positioning in Brazil.


Brazil is a giant of America, there is a lot of Sparkling wines in the market also, what do you think is the key promoting and selling Foss Marai?

First I have always believed in Family Foss Marai, product quality, care and love to prepare wine as well as the desing applied to the bottles.

Second in our efficiency to understand the Brazilian market, know the correct ways to promote the brand without spending millions.

Third, and very important, I believe that the key to the success of the product in Brazil is the customer experience in tasting the product.

It’s like love at first sight, who tasting, understands all the dedication that Biasioto Family has with the production of sparkling wine and Prosecco Foss Marai.


Brazilian way of life is also very easy and has a lot in common with Italy. Do you consider Brazilian gastronomy a great match with Foss Marai?

Indeed, the Brazilian lifestyle and the evolution of gastronomy in the country contributes greatly to our work. Foss Marai is a reference to the best chefs in Brazil.

The prosecco perfectly harmonizes the Brazilian cuisine, is a product easy to drink and at the same time important. Definitely we understand the slogan used by the company: ‘Foss Marai – insuperable‘.


Which Foss Marai are your favorite, and your team’s?

Personally I love Prosecco di Strada Guide 109 Brut, authentic Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG. But all of Foss Marai products are unique and excellent.

The Roos Brut for example has been successful at national level, both in important events such as harmonizing dishes of precious restaurants.

Surfine Cuvee Brut as it is always a hit.


Do you travel a lot trough the country? What is your favorite place in Brazil?

Yes, we traveled across the continent to know and be able to create perfect strategy of sale in each region. Knowing the typical gastronomy, responsible for the sector in each region and thus grow our share.

But always with quality criteria. good hotels, good restaurants and specialty shops. At the time I write this interview, I’m at the airport, departing to Fernando de Noronha, an island paradise in Brazil where the Foss Marai is present in the best restaurants and hotels on the island.

Fernando de Noronha is like a gateway to Brazil with enough parties and full throughout the year. No doubt it is a place where I have special appreciation.


Olympics Games are coming! How will affect sales and commercial activities those dates and after that, from your point of view?

It is an important moment for international tourism and the union of peoples. As our dear Pope Francis says; ‘There is no party without wine‘. Therefore we are working hard behind the scenes to bring the public wines, sparkling wines and quality proseccos.

Surely there will be a legacy of consumption, exchange of culture that helps a lot who sells wines and international products.


Everybody knows about Brazilian great parties, and amazingrestaurants, how do you see Foss Marai presence in the next years guided trough your company?

Our company has a specific sector to the service restaurants, with training of professionals, submitted and training products. We have an exponential growth year after year and we are very happy with the result.

The company also has a specific sector to meet the social and corporate events.


We perform around 10 to 20 weddings a month, which is about 1500-3000 bottles. This year we will serve Foss Marai in the national celebration of the Brazilian Air Force, which makes us very happy.

The prosecco is unique and the desing of the bottle brightens any event.


WINE EVENT at Temps du Vin, Brazil

In our shop we produce enograstronomicos events, birthdays, corporate events, always with the objective of serving slow food and quality wines.