27 May 2016

Foss Marai Tour: Brazil



If the President of Foss Marai would visit this country, which are the first five locations and five experiences he should never miss?

We will experience 5 excelent gastronomic experiences;

– Rio de Janeiro Roof Top Hotel Fasano, a delightful evening overlooking Ipanema Beach and appetizer with Foss Marai

– São Paulo, Nagayama restaurant, one of the best Japanese restaurants in Brazil, harmonized with Prosecco Foss Marai

– Fernando de Noronha, Sunset on the Middle Bar, voted the most beautiful beach in the world.

– Fernando de Noronha, Gastronomic Festival of Pousada Ze Maria

– Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais, Dinner at D’Artagnan Bistrô



Which is the proper pairing between local dishes and a Foss Marai bottle of wine?

Opened in 2001, D’Artagnan Bistrô has a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. The menu includes dishes from a varied and contemporary cuisine. The choice of ingredients is rigorous, always with the highest quality products, and organic.

Every week, new dishes are prepared by Chef Marise Rache and introduced as a suggestion on the menu, inspired by the rich ingredients of the seasons.

The harmonization of food and wine suggested by the professionals of the house, whose wine list includes labels from the major producing regions of the world, carefully selected.


Langoustine ‘Au Beurre Blanc’ with Asparagus and Angel Hair

Ingredients Tangerine Sauce

01 cup of juice Tangerine

1/4 cup finely chopped onion Purple

1/2 cup jelly Tangerine

1/4 milk cream

100 g + 175 g of cold butter cut into small cubes. Salt and pepper the Kingdom


Preparation Tangerine Sauce

Take the Tangerine juice, the jelly and grated onion to fire, and let reduce by half the volume

Add the milk cream and let reduce to 1/2 cup

Lower the heat and add the butter gradually.


Season with salt and pepper to taste

Keep warm



150 g crayfish cooked in sauce

Sauce over the crayfish

2 Asparagus steamed on crayfish

60g Angel Hair in butter


D’Artagnan Bistrô, Rua Tomás Gonzaga, 593. Lourdes. Belo Horizonte. Minas Gerais – Brasil, Telephone: 55 31 3295-7878 web site: www.dartagnanbistro.com.br)



How would you describe the consumer profile for this country?

Consumers Foss Marai in Brazil are class A, people who travel and consume cullturas from different countries. Are consumers who have culture of drinking wine, champagne and prosecco. We have a strong number of consumers for social events as weddings and corporate events. The various age group between 24-60 years.



Globally speaking, do you observe a noticeable evolution of the Italian wine?

Yes, we see a great evolution in the consumption of Italian wine in our country.

Particularly the Temps Du Vin matter only Italian wines and we are making a strong work in restaurants wineries and end customers.



Have you visited Foss Marai head office before? How did you feel about this experience?

My visit to Foss Marai at all times was quite exciting. We can see the love and the philosophy of Biassioto Familia in producing a prosecco and sparkling excellence.

Valdobbiadene whole area is really beautiful and the wine Foss Marai is particularly very careful, harmonious and products that we are proud to represent in Brazil.