16 November 2016

Foss Marai Tour: Aruba

fiss mrai tour aruba

Questionnaire with Mrs. Luisa Villegas, Director of Veneto Caribe, Foss Marai importer in Aruba Island

1) Since when did you start with the brand Foss Marai?

The first time I heard about Foss Marai was when I met Eugenio Cavallin, who until the day of today became my friend; he has been for many years the representative of Foss Marai in Venezuela. Due to my friendship with Eugenio, I have been involved with the brand for more than 10 years and have been falling in love with it ever since. Around 2014 we started talking about bringing Foss Marai to the Netherlands Antilles, and during late 2015 I received my first bottles of Foss Marai in Aruba.

2) Aruba is a great place at the Caribbean Islands, what do you think will be a key strategy to introduce Foss Marai to this selective market?
Personally, I am developing two strategies the first one is associating the brand to high quality Italian products such as Alessi and Foss Marai. I have opened a small store where I have mixed both brands in order to create affection to good quality Italian design and gourmet taste products.

With this key strategy I will be creating a bond between high quality designs in haute cuisine with Foss Marai. The second strategy is introducing the product in gourmet locations where haute cuisine is rising into another level to create a relation with quality.
3) Aruba has an enormous potential as a tourism destination, are you evaluating agreements with hotels chains or stores to arrive to that part of the market in the Island?
We are already working on that and in the near future we will be having great news in that sense. We have opened are own store in order to arrive calmly to the rest of the market in the island.

4) Which is your favorite Foss Marai?
Personally I do not have a favorite since I like them all, but since I began with Foss Marai in Aruba I am beginning to like a lot the Foss Marai Strada Di Guia, 109 brut.
5) Aruba is very close to Curacao and Bonaire, are you expecting to include those markets in the next future?
Not in the next future but in the near one. We are expecting to have it in Curacao for the first trimester of the upcoming 2017. Bonaire will
become a consequence of the expansion to Curacao.

6) Alcohol Taxes in Aruba are among of the highest in America, is that situation affecting sales or your marketing strategy with Foss Marai?
Of course, but more than that, the taxes are calculated not by the product but by quantity, meaning that it is not a matter of quality.
Introducing the product in this type of market, you will have to let the people try the product first and have to do a lot of tasting in order for them to become a customer. The good thing is that once they try it they will not mind about the price of the same.
7) How is the party life in Aruba? Do you think we’ll have a Sparkling Party soon?
Excellent we already have had small sparkling private parties. For the opening of a new restaurant they requested our product, having Foss Marai for more than 400 people. Also, we are organizing a launch event hat will be a golf tournament becoming our first edition of Foss Marai Aruba Golf tournament; we will let you know the date.
8) Who is the Foss Marai client in Aruba?
Happy, wealthy, people as we can see in many cities and countries all around the world.