26 October 2016

Festival du Vent, the wind blows strong in Haute-Corse


Impetuous yet invisible, the wind becomes a work of art in the charming setting of Corsica.

From 25 to 27 October, Calvi will host the Festival du Vent, the spectacular event that has brought this small town in Haute-Corse to life since 1992.


The wind takes center stage throughout this event, at which air games will color the sky, with kites, hot-air balloons, colored balls and artistic installations that exploit wind power, for three days of gatherings and collateral events, such as concerts, theatrical plays, and sports events.


For 24 years, this festival, which is as light as the wind, has transformed Calvi into the world wind capital.


Calvi is nestled in one of the windiest parts of the Med, a bustling center of culture and a meeting place where, every year, numerous events take place that attract visitors not only from the island but from around Europe.

This small Corsican town also has an illustrious past. After being destroyed during the Barbarian invasions, it was rebuilt in XIII. Its fate was for a long time, closely linked to the Republic of Genoa, to which it remained faithful.

The resilience of its inhabitants allowed the town to survive the attacks of the Turks and the French in the sixteenth century and was, in fact, the last town of the island to become officially part of France. In summer 1793, Napoleon Bonaparte took refuge here, in particular in the Maison de la Gendarmerie.