10 October 2016

Eurochocolate, festival of chocolate in Perugia


Perugia serves the Food of the Gods.

From the 14th to the 23rd of October, the Umbrian capital plays host to the 2016 edition of Eurochocolate, a festival dedicated to chocolate and cocoa that has been held in the city since 1993.


The event – with the million visitors it attracts every year – is, even today, the most important chocolate event that takes place within Europe as well as being an opportunity to discover the host city. The festival is held, in fact, over a variety of locations.

Exhibitions, sampling, shows, events and initiatives animate the town’s entire historic center.


This year, Eurochocolate launches into the world of social networking and the hashtag #conchi sums up the message for the 2016 event: Share the pleasure of chocolate, participate in the festival with the person you love, or else – in the words of the Eurochocolate’s President, Eugenio Guarducci – ‘Share the sensation of being part of a wide community, united by their love for the Food of the Gods’.

The message is also broadcast through a visual campaign, with selfie sticks holding chocolate bars instead of smartphones.

And to emphasize the idea of community, a 7-meter-long, maxi selfie stick, will be installed holding a 6,000 kg bar of chocolate: It is a message that will go viral.


In 2015, Eurochocolate was nominated as project and cultural adviser of the Cocoa Chocolate Cluster at Expo Milan 2015, one of the nine pavilions dedicated to the world’s principle food supply chains, where it put its unmistakable signature on 5,500 m² of exhibition space, visited by nearly 4 million people over the six months.