12 July 2017

Doug Aitken’s house of mirrors

casa specchi deserto

There is a house in the middle of the desert.

It blends in with the rocky mountains and arid valleys. It reflects the scorching rays of the sun and the changing shapes of the clouds. It draws evolving panoramic perspectives that case a primordial spell.


It is a house where no one lives. A house where no one could live.

Mirrors inside and out. And large windows with no glass, from which the outside penetrates the ascetic interior.

An inverted kaleidoscope.


A house that is a work of art. Better yet, a work of Land Art and Design together.

A vision that cloaks the barren surroundings with modernity. An apparition that wraps the endless landscape in futurism.


It’s called ‘Mirage’, and is an installation set up in the Coachella Valley (in southern California) and created by Doug Aitken, an American artist of international renown who narrates emotions through awe-inspiring works.


This grandiose building by Doug Aitken was built as part of the first edition of Desert X (a contemporary, site-specific contemporary art biennial that takes place for three months in the Coachella Valley) and can be visited until 31 October 2017.