16 November 2017

Cloud House, a cloud of poetry

cloud house

The peaceful pitter-patter of autumn rain in a work of art and technology in-one.


I’ll give you a cloud so you can listen to the peaceful pitter-patter of the autumn rain on the wet, cloudy windows.

I’ll give you a cloud so you can revel in the warmth of a cozy house while it’s bitingly cold outside.

I’ll give you a cloud so you can admire the wonders of nature that gracefully fill the vast canvas of the sky.


This poetic autumnal dream goes by the name of Cloud House, and is a work of art and technology in-one, created by American designer, Matthew Mazzotta.


A small wooden house nestled in the lush green of nature, above which towers a suspended cloud, of which you can hear the sound of rain falling delicately onto the roof, while you rock on a rather retro rocking chair.

This cozy space with a rural feel is a corner for meditating and rediscovering the senses.


But that’s not all.

The Cloud House is (also) an ingenious installation.

Built with materials salvaged from an old farmhouse, there are two rocking chairs inside which, when you sit on them, trigger the rainfall that falls onto the roof; it is then collected and stored in a tank located below the house itself, helping the plants surrounding the house to flower.


This creation offers a moment of tranquility on the one hand and, on the other, invites you to think about how nature works, in particular the importance of the water cycle.


The Cloud House is situated inside the Farmers Park of Springfield in Missouri, USA.