15 May 2017

China, art and nature in the Vertical Forest by Boeri

bosco verticale nanchino

If Little Red Riding Hood had been born in the China (or Switzerland, or Italy) of today, she may not have been so lighthearted about crossing the forest to visit her grandmother.

The reason? because the forests of today are not just like those described in fairy tales. The forests of today sometimes challenge the laws of gravity, their trees climbing up the tower blocks that peak against the skyline, like foliage covered mountaineers.


We’re talking about forests that are revolutionary works of art and innovative architectural ventures. Grandiose installations, that enchant towns and cities.

We’re talking about theVertical Forests by Stefano Boeri.


After Milan (Porta Nuova district) and Lausanne, the globally celebrated Italian architect is preparing to construct a new urban forest project in Nanjing, capital of the Jiangsu province, in China.

This new project consists of 1,100 trees and 2,500 plants, that will cover the facades of two towers (respectively 200 and 100 m tall with a total surface area of 6,000 m²) located in the Jiangbei New District.


The new Vertical forest of Nanchino – promoted by the Nanjing Yang Zi State-owned National Investment Group Co.ltd – will daily produce around 60kg of oxygen and reduce the CO2 emissions annually by almost 25 tons

The spectacular installation of vegetation will be Asia’s first Vertical Forest with completion planned for 2018.