31 March 2017

Cheese: tasteful luxury

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A taste of precious cheeses


Give me a good sharp knife and a good cheese to cut
and I shall be a happy man.

[George RR Martin]


There are jewels that do not glister in the light and are not worn on well-manicured fingers.

These are treasures to be tasted on the point of a knife or spread on hunks of soft bread.


These are gourmet cheeses – from cows or buffaloes, goats or asses, elks or reindeer, sows, camels or yaks – as expensive as diamonds, with a value that reaches and sometimes exceeds 1000 euro per Kg.


The stand-out from among luxury cheeses is called Pule and it is produced exclusively to order – a unique creation to be fully experienced.

Artisan–crafted using donkey milk from asses living in the Zasavica National Reserve in Serbia, Pule requires 25 liters of milk for one cheese (more than a single donkey produces in a whole year).


Moose Cheese is produced from the milking of Gullan, Halega and Juna, three reindeer abandoned by their mother and adopted by a Swedish family. A story of affection, redolent of a charming Northern-European fairy tale.


And, while it is true that all that glitters is not gold, this time there is indeed a cheese, produced by an English company, that contains actual gold.

In its prestigious curd mixture, White Stilton Gold (enriched with gold flecks) and gold drops.


But this golden cheese is not the only one to shine.

Gold petals meet flakes of white truffle, and crown the noble Wyke Farms Cheddar cheese, an absolutely unique Cheddar, produced by the King Midas of British companies.


Cheese is, when shared with bread and wine, the trinity of the European table.
(Michel Tournier]