12 June 2017

Bodies in Wonderland, with Bodyscapes by Carl Warner


“Inside each body exists Monte Meru and the seven continents

complete with lakes and oceans, mountains, plains and the protectors of these expanses”

Śiva Saṃhitā


Imagine. Sinking gently between the soft folds of the skin.

Imagine. Sliding sweetly on the delicate hills of the hips.

Imagine. Swinging suavely between the welcoming arches of large hands.


Journeying over a body. Exploring its details.

Like a miniature pioneer in an anthropic universe.


Carl Warner has already been there: in the exploration of fascinating suave, elegant and dreamlike works.

He has travelled there by transforming bodies into landscapes in a series of seductive and surreal photographs, reminiscent of Salvador Dalì’s paintings.


These photographs have been digitally processed to create richly harmonious compositions.

‘Bodyscapes’ is the name of the project by this Liverpudlian artist who has reinvented body portraiture through his totally unique vision.


It’s not the first time, previously Carl Warner unleashed his fervid imagination in the ‘Foodscapes’ series.

Shots of incredibly realistic landscapes, created through compositions of food and produce.

In one area, there is a forest of broccoli and the cave of crabs. There are mountains of bread and salami. And then the cottage of sweets, the savannah of mushrooms, the boulevard of cheeses and hills of salad.

Landscapes for consumption that are highly reminiscent of the enchanted world of Alice in Wonderland.


“Cultivate your curves.

They may be dangerous but they won’t be avoided”

Mae West