4 December 2017

Artistic Venice

Venice International Performance Art Week

Venice International Performance Art Week


In performance there are no goods, there is no product to sell; everything is immaterial and intangible.

Even if there are photos, video-installations and items linked with the moment of performance,

this still continues to be the most immaterial art form that exists.

(Marina Abramović)


Art is alive and immaterial.

The Venice International Performance Art Week returns to animate the pearl of the lagoon.

From the 7th to 16th December 2017, Venice acts as the instigator for performance art with a program and events that are entirely dedicated to this art form.


Performance art (or the performance of art or performance of the artist) is an art form that equals painting, writing and architecture. But, in contrast to all the other art forms, performance art happens in the moment. A “hic et nunc” that makes it unrepeatable, immaterial, but at the same time, compelling and all-embracing, able to create an immediate contact with the pubic and to reveal the artist’s vision through his/her very own actions.


Performance art’s unique characteristic of being a living piece of art makes this art-form a privileged testament to encounter and participation.

In this sense the Venice International Performance Art Week aims to be the meeting platform between the different cultures and to forge new artistic expression.


It is the very principles of artistic collaboration, cooperation and community that will be developed through the theme of the event’s 2017 edition (now in its fourth year): Co-Creation Live Factory – prologue 1.

The event’s objective is to stimulate the participating artists to develop their performance not individually, but rather according to a concept of mutual creation. Conducting them through the process are three luminaries of performance art who will take on the role of guides: Marilyn Arsem, VestAndPage and Andrigo & Aliprandi.


The project reaches its culmination on the 14th, 15th and 16th December when the doors of the European Cultural Centre in Palazzo Mora open their doors to the public and the event becomes a collective experience.