6 June 2017

Art, music and culture. Venice gives more with the More Festival

venezia more festival

Beauty pours out of every carved corner, it is breathed in with the air flecked with light clouds, it’s seen dancing through the delicate waves of the Laguna when the oars of the unhurried gondolas caress the water.

Venice has a visceral relationship with art and culture.


So even while the Venetian springtime is cloaked in the pathos of the Serenissima and the Biennale envelopes the city in artistic modernity, there is also room for an event with a vibe of cosmopolitan celebration.


In June, from Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th, Venice plays host to the fifth edition of the More Festival.

A prestigious four days of music and art, celebrations and culture, during which artists from all over the world will go on stage in live performances and DJ sets.


An event that will conquer the center of the city and the islands in the lagoon, making stop-offs in some unexpected locations, such as the Island of San Servolo, the Garden of Ca’Zenobio degli Armeni and the bay of the Forte Marghera.


The More Festival is one of Europe’s most innovative international celebrations that started with an idea formed by four young Parisians in love with Venice. Over the years, it has grown exponentially, registering 8 thousand participants from all over Europe in the 2016 edition.