11 May 2017

Art “Lives” at the Venice Biennale

biennale venezia

«The Biennale must distinguish itself as the location that uses the method, which is almost its raison d’être, of free exchange among its artists and between artists and the public»

Paolo Baratta, President of the Venice Biennale.


Forget Michelangelo’s nonspeaking Moses or even the silence that echoes through the corridors of galleries and museums.

In Venice art talks or – better still – converses.


The 57th International Art Exhibition – the gem set at the heart of the Venice Biennale organized every two years in this lagoon city – awaits its speakers from the 13th May to the 26th November 2017.

The title and binding theme of the show is “Viva Arte Viva”(Live Art Live): A hymn to exhibition’s protagonist, yet also it is a plea to art against being static or too focused on drawing admiration, and an entreaty for it to speak and be dynamic.


In the six month duration of the exhibition, particular space will be dedicated to the relationship between art and artists together with their public.

The sites honored with this encounter are the nine pavilions which will, in turn, play out nine chapters or nine families of artists: not as nine planets intent on orbiting as far as possible from the other around a single sun, but nine voices ready to communicate with each other (regardless of contradictions).

Throughout the duration of the exhibition and its collateral events, encounters, workshops, projects and performances will bring this communication to life: among these is the “Open Table”, where the artist will meet with the public during lunch.


Out of the 120 artists present, 103 of these will be at the exhibition for the first time: further confirmation of a “living” art that is the center of the celebration. Art that can renew, regenerate and recreate itself yet retain its role as a witness to history and to the values of the humanity that belong to it.