27 December 2017

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2017 most visited cities


The city is an amazing expression of man.

A city is an invention, or rather: it’s a human invention.
(Renzo Piano)

The ranking for the most visited cities of 2017 looks east this year.


It is the Global Destination Cities Index that has compiled the list for the cities that, at the end of this year, can boast to have welcomed – profitably – the highest number of tourists.

Running down the list, it seems as though the fascination for the Orientthat enthralled Europe in the 1600’s (when the merchant ships returned from Asian ports bringing with them a suggestion of exotic and far off worlds) has returned, in our present day, with refreshed vigor.


Voyaging from Indochina to the Middle east, passing by the archipelagos of South-East Asia,

we can discover the most populated metropolises in the world. Centers where age old cultures and absolute modernity meet and fuse. Places where ancient temples suspended in time stand at a stone’s throw from dizzying skyscrapers.


Bangkok is at the top of the list: the Thai capital will have welcomed 21.47 million visitors in 2017; followed by Dubai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, Tokyo


Flanking these pearls of the Orient are a plethora of European cities.

The old continent continues to exert its eternal fascination over millions of tourists who, once again this year, have chosen it as their travel destination.

The most visited is London, with 18.88 million tourists. Followed by Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam… And in Italy, Milan and Rome: Lombardy’s capital is just ahead of the Eternal City by a few places.


The only destination that excites travel outside the confines of Asia and Europe is New York: with 12.75 million visitors, it holds 5th place in the classification.


The complete classification:

  1. Bangkok, 21.47 million visitors
  2. London, 18.88 million visitors
  3. Paris, 15.29 million visitors
  4. Dubai 15.27 million visitors
  5. New York, 12.75 million visitors
  6. Singapore, 12.11 million visitors
  7. Kuala Lumpur, 12.02 million visitors
  8. Istanbul, 11.95 million visitors
  9. Tokyo, 10.02 million visitors
  10. Seoul, 10.02 million visitors
  11. Hong Kong 8.37 million visitors
  12. Barcelona, 8.2 million visitors
  13. Amsterdam, 8 million visitors
  14. Milan, 7.65 million visitors
  15. Taipei, 7.35 million visitors
  16. Rome, 7.12 million visitors
  17. Osaka, 7.02 million visitors
  18. Vienna, 6.69 million visitors
  19. Shanghai, 6.12 million visitors
  20. Prague, 5.81 million visitors