16 July 2016

Foss Marai Tour: Colombia


An Interview with Mr. Jonathan Chacón-Vera, Director of LDO Colombia


When did start LDO Colombia with Foss Marai distribution in this country?

We formally started in December 2015.


How did you get into the wine business world?

Well, we started as aficionado group, then step by step the passion began and start growing our interest about wine culture and all about this particular lifestyle.

Then, we saw the prosecco’s commercial growing and the amazing success Foss Marai had in Venezuela last 15 years, and when the opportunity knocks our door to be present in Colombia leading Foss Marai new market, we didn’t hesitate one minute taking this chance!


How many people conform LDO Colombia?

Our managing team is conformed by 4 people, and then we have a distributor team classified by each city where we operate.


How do you describe the response of Colombian market to the Italian top of the line spumanti like Foss Marai?

The sparkling wine categories is a growing up sector in Colombia, even with a presence of huge global brands producers of Beer, Rum and “Aguardiente”, the top 3 categories of alcohol business in the country.

But, the quality of Foss Marai allows us to introduce our exclusive wines like the fabulous Cuvée Surfine Brut or even the spectacular Brut Roös, once people meet them is simply love at first taste.

We are creating the base for the brand and working with a long-term vision of the business, is a work of passion but patience include.


Colombian gastronomy is also a growing sector in the country, including a great variety of restaurants and catering offer, do you consider that Foss Marai arrival will open a new stage of the AAA sparkling wines offer in the Andean region?

I think is early to make such affirmation now, specially when we have other Italian sparling wines producers arriving in Colombia with a powerful marketing budget, superior than ours.

However we are working hard, with the goal to be consolidated as the Italian top of the line Spumanti reference in the next 2 years.


Which one is your favorite Foss Marai, and LDO team’s?

Oh, is not easy! Roös is amazing. But we are always debating between the 109 Prosecco Superiore DOCG and the Cuvée Surfine, but it also depends of the occasion!. Foss Marai has that incredible characteristic!.


Please tell us a little bit about your next expanding plan with Foss Marai in Colombia.

We want to consolidate the brand in Cartagena and Medellin by the second semester of 2016. Consumers of these cities are totally different than Bogotá, and patrons of wine consume is also completely diverse. That’s our next challenge for Colombia. Also, we hope to receive Mr. Carlo Biasiotto and his team in Colombia soon, so they can meet the market personally and address a Private Tasting event with our VIPs and mass media, it will be fantastic and very important for the brand and a great impulse for our work.


We understand that LDO has agreed a commercial alliance with American Express, are you planning this corporate alliances as a strategic line with another companies in Colombia?

We hardly believe in commercial alliances as a vehicle of growing up, and our commercial agreement with American Express has been very successful one. We already have other alliances with great local brands, with a long trajectory and commercial force, like Constructora Icono Urbano, the holding that is building the first project in Colombia designed by Richard Meier and Partners (winner of the Pritzker Prize, 1984), and we hope to close another alliances with important Premium brands that we can match with the Foss Marai lifestyle.


How you can describe gastronomic activity and Colombian consumer today?

Last five years has been a wonderful period for the gastronomy sector in Colombia, including an increase of the wine sector in the country, but the huge challenge for a company like ours, is that Colombia is a very diversified country, where each city is unique with unique commercial habits just like the geography.

Our vision is create a match with each local gastronomical fusion, taking advantage of Foss Marai incredible portfolio, and that’s the opportunity to be recognized as the top Italian Spumanti reference, who fell in love with the Colombian way of life.